Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us.  We don’t collect any personal information unless it is submitted to us directly or advertising related.  Please read our topics below regarding your website usage with us and feel free to contact us for any privacy concerns.

We are not health professionals:

You should be aware we are not health professions or physicians.  However, we do write about health and medical information.  We also discuss equipment and celebrities.  Any articles or information you read or view on our website should be considered entertainment purposes only.

How visitor information is used:

We don’t directly collect personal information unless the information is submitted directly to us.  That may come in the form of email, messages, and/or advertisers.  Any information collected from the server is default setting by our hosting company and logs maybe automatically collected from them which may include your IP.

Cookie usage:

Our website may collect cookies naturally from our hosting server and/or website.  We don’t use cookies for any purpose.  You have the option to block cookies from your browser if you wish to change that feature.  Our company doesn’t review, log, or even review them.  We don’t use them for advertising as well.

Collected personal information:

If a visitor submits personal information to us such as his/her name, phone, or email, we may use such information to reply and/or advertising purposes.  You may opt-out at anytime buy contacting us or simply replying via email.

Affiliates and Advertising:

In the event, we are using an affiliate or third party for advertising, you should assume it is being used for-profit.  You should assume all content, articles, or anything posted on our website is for-profit.


Any promotions or advertising on our website or by our company is used for-profit.  We are not responsible for any activity not on our website or being directed from our website.  All affiliates and advertisers are separate companies which are managed separately.

Privacy concerns:

Any privacy concerns in regard to our website, affiliates, or advertisers should be directed to us immediately.  We review all privacy concerns immediately and will respond usually within the hour.

Contact us and email:

You may contact us for any reason using our contact us form or via email directly at: