On of the focus areas on the website is medical and surgical equipment section.  This section discusses all the equipment in the hospital and the medical industry.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate guide of all the equipment so you can quickly reference what equipment will be used on you during your next surgery procedure.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what machine is taking your X-Ray so you can verify it having a positive rating.  We share reviews and also who supplies this equipment.  We try to be as in-depth with our evaluations and resources as possible.

Hospitals use a lot of equipment and knowing how they operate and what their reviews are is important.  You should be aware of any problems pending on equipment (like recalls) and if they are up to the standards you should expect from a top rated hospital.  Often times there are issues with equipment or even lawsuits pending and the patients are not even aware of it.  We provide full transparency on this issues so you can be aware and more educated about your next procedure.

Another thing you should know is that many times physicians are not even aware of the equipment they use and it’s are job to provide that information to the public in the best of our abilities.