We cover a lot of topics about surgery on our website.  One of our favorite topics is celebrities.  Over the years celebrities have been a focus point for the industry and often times what people look for when they go in and talk to their plastic surgeon or physician.  The reality is we are all little different and something that works on one persons doesn’t mean it will resemble your body or the physical structures of your face.

Being in the celebrity spotlight they often feel the negative criticism (mostly negative – some positive) about their recent procedures.  The most common being a rhinoplasty (nose job), facelift, chin implants or other various operating procedures.  These procedures are an effort in smaller cases to correct personal embellishments. However, the majority of celebrity plastic surgery or operations is to make they appear young and keep them in the public eye.  Surprisingly, many celebrities deny having any surgery after their new appearances but the public and their fans can usually tell something isn’t correct about them.  They simply look different.  There was poll in 2008 with the AAFPRS which basically stated by their President:  “It’s not uncommon to have patients bring in photos of celebrities or models saying they want their facial features”.  Celebrities have an impact on the public and especially the younger fans.  This doesn’t fall on the celebrities but the physicians making sure expectations are delivered.