Welcome to the PlasticSurgeryFiles.com.  We are a group of individuals who care about the medical industry and want more information available for the public to education, train, and simply be more aware of their procedures.  We cover a wide range of topics related to the surgery industry.  We discuss celebrities and rumors as well as specific procedures.  One of our newest categories is equipment.  In this category we discuss what equipment the surgery industry is using and how effective or not effective the equipment really is.  We are a fairly new website so we are continue the efforts to grow with very valuable information each and every day.

It’s our mission to be as transparent about the industry as possible.  We want to create more awareness and sharing surgical information only educates the public on what and how a specific procedure relates to them (the customer).  We do our best to provide related information that is referenced and in depth.  We leave our comments open on every article and gladly accept feedback from the public (good or bad) about the topic.

We have always be fans of the medical industry.  Being able to express those topics makes are jobs here much better.  We all have a passion for the industry and that is why we are in the business and have this great website to share all our surgical topics.  We are living the Seattle, Washington area.

In our equipment section we cover topics related to “hardware” type medical and surgical equipment.  Just understanding how a Bair Hugger Blanket will help you in your next surgery or learning more about that next generation MRI machine works is fascinating to us.  Some would describe us as surgical and medical nerds I guess.

We would love for you to join us in this website by writing about your hospital experience or the equipment they used during your surgery.  Don’t be afraid to write for us here.

We hope you enjoy visiting our information website.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions you’d like to ask us.