Chelsea Clinton’s Successful Plastic Surgeries – Rumored

Chelsea Clinton is one of the best examples in the success plastic surgery. The daughter of former president Bill Clinton was in the beginning is not too pretty like in fairy tales, before his marriage he appears to look much more beautiful than before. Many are curious about the appearance that looks glamorous, so many reporters are trying to figure out what exactly he was doing surgery.

First of all, the young Clinton seems to have had a rhinoplasty. If you look at his early pictures, you will find him a bigger nose and rounded. But now when you see him you will see the shape of the nose is more subtle and narrower. His nose became smaller and the tip of the nose higher and sharper looks. Bridge of the nose also seems to have undergone some changes are good.

Then, Chelsea makes changes on the chin area by giving the chin implant. Photographs previously demonstrated that he has a broader chin and flabby. But now if you see newest photos you will see a striking difference. Currently Chelsea chin looks more refined and smaller, and it also looks more confident and happy.

In addition, Chelsea Clinton has also opted for lip augmentation procedures. If you compare the old photo and you will find the latest lip is ripe now. Her lips are more attractive and glamorous than ever before which of course cannot be achieved naturally.

It should be emphasized here that Chelsea has really careful when choosing a plastic surgeon it. All surgical procedures were taken by him have befitted perfectly to make them look smarter and more beautiful than ever. This of course has to be considered carefully because he certainly will not make the mistake of going to sea using plastic surgery is quite normal.

Did Danielle Jonas Have A Nose Job?

Danielle Deleasa Jonas now along with her husband, Kevin Jonas has been in the news lately because they’ve welcomed their daughter in February. But one thing Danielle has been under public scrutiny is a new nose, which also went with her before and after pictures, is very different.

Hers seems to be an example of a bad nose job and literally fell out of his face, giving the impression that it melts. It seems her husband, Kevin Jonas really could not keep his eyes or rather from her lips, bringing them both under the center of attention, however, has sparked a series of rumors courtesy nose, and critics wondered if he had chosen to go under the knife to her The new nose. Danielle was never what you would call a beautiful woman, and rhinoplasty has not done her any good main point. Of course Kevin has broken a lot of hearts to marry her, however, her new look has sparked a kind of question that the results of his new nose rhinoplasty or not.

The one real thing about Danielle is that she recently distanced himself from arrest, which probably courtesy of his new nose is prominent, which is clearly the result of plastic surgery has been very long. Side profile shows a new nose a little too obvious in every picture he has been caught with her husband, Kevin. Her new nose looks rounded at the tip and narrow at the bridge that provides outstanding appeal. And frankly, it is anything but aesthetic. Hers has been called one of the worst plastic surgery of all time and well he should really sue the plastic surgeon has given him a bad case of nose.

Has Burt Reynolds Had Plastic Surgery?

While plastic surgery has given quite a lot of amazing results that make celebrities more motivated to be able to look more like another reason to maintain their careers. One example of plastic surgery is completely bad is Burt Reynolds. Born in 1936, Burt Reynolds has a reputation as one of the most handsome man on the screen, on this time.

There are quite a lot of pictures of him available online, featuring a striking difference in the before and after plastic surgery, especially the subject around her eyes. These visible changes have been made critics and fans wondered whether he had gone to a surgeon for a face to be seen more tweaks, but eventually he became one of the worst examples of plastic surgery.

The actor has officially confirmed that he has never gone under the knife to get a face lift. If he would ever do it, he will surely come clean about it. The secret behind the flawless skin is good genes, he has inherited from his father.

The actor may not be too often talk about plastic surgery, but the reality is that his face has less wrinkles right now, and the facelift makes it look like a boy look very clear. Although there is no confirmation from any source, but the photos are more than enough to explain everything.

If the look of the picture now, we can see his face looks really changed, especially the forehead and around the eyes that look smooth like porcelain. Not only did he look scary, but it can also be said a little strange. Although this may not be as bad as Michael Jackson, however, was pretty bad too, because her face became really like plastic and does not look natural, does not even look like a human.

Dianna Agron Glee Star Confesses Having A Nose Job

Dianna Agron is one of th Glee TV series stars. Well known as Quinn Fabray, as of the most beautiful cheerleader in the school. She is a talented young actress, with great acting, beautiful voice and stunning look. However people started to questioning about her stunning look, particularly her nose transformation.

By comparing the before and after picture, her nostrils nose seem smaller than before but it looks better on her. She confessed about having a nose job in the David Letterman show. Surprisingly, she did not have the nose job only once but also twice. As we know, there are several famous American public figure who also do the same thing as Dianna Agron, such as Michael and Janet Jackson, Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman and even Scarlett Johansson. If we take a look deeply on the nose transformation on her face, even though she had to go through it under the knife, her nose is perfect for her. It could accentuate her natural beauty even more. She looks more professional and graceful. Where her before picture did bring some kind of “the girl next door“ look. Dianna Argon had developed her personality, since she was a child, as the kid model for magazine cover. With her natural blond her, and beautiful face, She is a true American Sweetheart. No regret that she played as the reverent daughter who got pregnant in the Glee TV series. Regarding to the reasons behind her twice nose job, it was all because of the accident that she got. The first accident, she got accidently hit by a girl who did not intent to hit her, she meant to hit a guy who stood next to Diana. The second accident happened while she was dancing out with all her friend, when she was accidently fell and broke her nose. With such a strong motif behind the nose surgery, she had made a perfect decision.

Claire Danes Against Plastic Surgery

Claire Catherine Danes was born on April 12, 1979 in Manhattan, New York. Claire Danes is an American Actress who is well known with her natural beauty, and she always defending her natural beauty instead of plastic surgery. She is not only against the plastic surgery, but also against the blogger who make a living by revealing the reality of plastic surgery in celebrity world.

However, a lot of celebrity watchers were suspecting and even insisted that Claire may has had undergone plastic surgery. They noticed the transformation by comparing the before and after pictures of Claire Danes. They also stated that it is impossible for her, as the celebrity did not have undergo any single kind of plastic surgery , even the limited form of cosmetic enhancement. Therefore, Claire Danes fans seemed to believe in her, that she would never think about plastic surgery. By the pictures evidences, some beauty analysis think that Claire may has had undergone the botox treatment on her face, and they can see the marks of surgery on her. Claire Danes was popular with her “the girl next door” beauty when she plays the role Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” movie with Leonardo DI Caprio. It was the movie in 1996. By comparing her appearance in her earliest movie or TV series, she seems to look the same. The difference of her during these times is always has been her hair color, where she used to have dark hair and know she has blonde hair. Her hair style also changes. As she gets older, she always appeared wearing thick makeup, and it still looks normal on her. Many common woman would also do the same thing. Claire Danes might be one of American celebrities who think that only people with weak personality and low self-esteem deciding to undergo plastic surgery.

Jennifer Grey Circulating Rumors About Facial Surgeries

Jennifer Gray was born in 26th of March 1960. Her talent as actress is naturally inherited by her celebrity parents. Her mother is Jo wilder, a singer, and her father Joel Grey, an actress who had won an Academy award in Hollywood. With her own talent, Jennifer was successful enough to get off from her parents shadow and able to show to the world that she has her own identity and signature in her career as an actress.

She had proven by achieving a golden globe award from her wonderful play in Dirty Dancing. Besides of her talent and celebrity blood, Jennifer is also famous with her beautiful and baby face. But unfortunately, she decided to undergo the bad plastic surgery. Jennifer revealed herself to the media that she has had undergo nose job. She regretted it so much because it turned out bad for her look and also her career. To cover the failure on her botched nose, she has to undergo another plastic surgery. The latest circulating rumor stated that she has had few facial surgeries to correct her failed nose job. Some beauty experts also claimed that she has been injected with fillers on her lip, and also some Botox treatment to tightened and smoothened her skin. According to Jennifer self-confession to the public she wanted to remove the wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes. Her husband was against her in having the second plastic surgery. However she kept holding her own intention. Finally, after the second round of surgery, she looks much better. The mission to camouflage her first failure seems successful, it was worth for her. She is one American celebrities who is open and honest to the public. From those bad and good experiences, the second plastic surgery could be her last plastic surgery in her life.


Jack Wagner Decided To Undergo Plastic Surgery

John Wagner was born as Peter John “Jack” Wagner on the 11th of October 1959 in Washington, Missouri. He was famous with his role in the General Hospital soap opera. By comparing his before and after pictures, you may notice that he had gone through some transformation the fact that he obviously looks older. Many old Hollywood actress and actor decided to undergo plastic surgery in order to stop the aging process. The result is also based on luck of each person, not all of them end well.

Jack Wagner is one of them who is unlucky, where he looks have changed badly and no longer catch any attention from his female fans. It seems that he had lost his shine after the plastic surgery and turned him into another ordinary person. He began to gain critics from all the people that his bad look may threatened his career. The celebrity watcher and some beauty experts claimed that Jack has had undergone facelift, Botox and eyelid surgery procedures. He was totally failed in the facelift and Botox process, where his face was extremely tight and his skin appeared pulled. People may notice that awkwardness even without looking at his previous pictures. The eyelid surgery purposed was to remove the eye bag from his face, but the eyelids become heavy and closed. By his failure, Jack Wagner eyes seems to be opened about the disadvantages about plastic surgery. There are many celebrities out there who are suffering about the dilemma of being old. The plastic surgery is not always an answer, if they have a bad luck, they’re going to pay for the rest of their life with deep regret, losing respect from other people and even losing hope. Sometimes it is wiser for the old celebrities to accept their faith about being old. Because that is circle of life, every people, even the famous celebrity has its own moment in rise and fall. If in getting older means they have to also losing their career opportunity, they can all it as the sign of retire time. It is better for those old celebrity to have such a normal life and give a break for themselves, without any disturbance from media and paparazzi at the end of their life, instead of being frustrated because of the plastic surgery failure.

Lauren Koslow – Before And After Plastic Surgery

Lauren Alice Koslow was born on the 9th of March 1953 in Boston. She is talented American actress with stunning look. Unlike the other American celebrity, she is a smart celebrity, with a degree in theatre and costume design, also, she is a family woman with two children and husband who lives in the suburban area, in San Fernando Valley. Her career began in the seventies by participating in the touring theatre. In the eighties, she had a role in “The Young and The Restless” TV series.

Now ,in this present day, at the age of 61, she still looks young, fresh and beautiful. A Lot of celebrities tabloid discuss about her young look, most of them stated that she may has had under gone several plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, facelift and facial fillers. Those procedures are believed as the miracle work for stop aging. As the result of those procedures, Lauren lips are full just like a teenage girl and her face look so flawless. She is one celebrity who is successful enough in case of undergoing Botox and facelift. According to Dr. Micahel Salhauzer, she had a mini facelift combined with Botox procedure. Lauren had successfully removed the wrinkle and folded skin on her face. She is one lucky celebrity woman who could pull this off, by aging beautifully and gracefully. To have such result is the dream for most of the old American celebrities. Lauren Koslow is also well known as the hottest mommies in Hollywood, with her wonderful talent in acting, design and even still pledging her life to her family, also her stunning look. She is almost a perfect public figure and role model. For your information, she lives together with her makeup artist, beside of the successful plastic surgery procedures that she had undergone, her stunning look also supported by the work of her private makeup artist. From all those facts, we can say that Lauren is really concern about having a perfect look.

Gillian Anderson May Have Undergone Plastic Surgery

Gillian Leigh Anderson, known as Gillian Anderson was born on 9th of April 1968 in Chicago Illinois. She was popular as agent Dana Scully in the famous American TV series, the X-Files. With her beautiful figure and the great acting talent, she began to receive a lot of movies offer, such as The Last King of Scotland and The House of Mirth. Now, she is 46 but still look young and stunning, even too young in her age. With lack of evidences, the rumors about Gillian which has had undergone plastic surgery is buzzing around.

Before she’s having a great transformation, she had an ugly phase, where she seems to lose her charm and sex appeal. Not so long after that phase, she was suddenly appeared dramatically with her young, pretty and hot look, just like teenager super star. She might also had a weight loss, where it is proven by her narrow face with thin cheek. The speculations so far about her transformation are Botox treatment and some related procedures. The beauty experts recognized it from the traces of horizontal and laugh lines on her face when she laughs, it would be invisible when she’s not laughing. She also seems to have a tight, smooth and wrinkle free skin face. Gillian Anderson responded floatingly towards her plastic surgery rumors. She stated that she never undergo any single procedures, even though it had crossed her mind, but she decided not to do it. Many of her fans speculate that she was born beautiful and natural, and there is no way that she may have undergone plastic surgery. Gillian is really aging well and beautifully, despite of the several plastic surgery rumors and some other speculation about her natural beauty. She might be one of American celebrities who decided to keep natural, maybe just by wearing anti-aging cream and healthy diet, just like other ordinary woman.

Felicity Kendal Plastic Surgery Rumors

Felicity Kendal, 67 years old, is an American celebrity with grace and beauty. No wonder the plastic surgery rumors seem to disturb her life time by time. Felicity had refused these rumors, but as hard she tried to refuse it, those gossip and speculation still buzzing around her. In this case, Felicity seems to have such a strong connection with her fans. Her million fans had compiled a lot of her pictures. With such a constant monitoring, it would be easy enough to notice any little differences of her look by comparing one picture to another.

According to the fans, they found that Felicity Kendal was born in natural grace, that she owned it genetically. There are speculation from the beauty experts, that she may has had undergone botox treatment to nose job. Some argument stated that Felicity’s face texture had changed perfectly. Felicity always claimed that she did not undergo any single or plastic surgery procedures. However, her hard rejection brought bad effects to her, because the celebrity watcher seems to get harder on her, even terrorize her with rumors. Her lovely fans also claimed that Felicity is an idealistic woman who knows what goods for her, such as a acknowledging the value of healthy diet, instead of having a short cut way, which is plastic surgery. A Lot of people, the journalist, or even celebrity watcher just could not stand any perfection of beauty when it comes to celebrity. The just directly assume, whether is true or not, that those celebrities with such a perfect beauty, particularly in their old age, must have deal with the surgeon. And it is hard to believe if they defend themselves, especially when they stated that about having a perfect beauty genetically. It’s just too good to be true. Regarding to the truth of felicity, it seems that she likes to let that rumor floating and let the people judge by themselves.